Day 1 – Here we go!

Well, I’ve officially started my year long challenge to create and develop an etsy store. Day 1 did not go quite as planned. To be fair, I probably should have given myself a bit of lee-way, but here is what I imagined I would do last night:

1. Clear myself a space in the dining room for the sewing machine and other crafting supplies: Check! I did finally clear out the last of the moving boxes from the corner of the dining room…. to the kitchen, but at least it got out of the dining room! As soon as I put the before and after pictures together I realized it didn’t look that different. But, it feels different and that’s what matters, right?Image


2. Cut the pattern for a dress to make from the blue fabric I bought two weeks ago: Not check. I laid the fabric on the table and unfolded the pattern to realize I had a pattern that was 6 sizes too small for me. I blame Past Naomi for not even looking at the size on the envelope when she purchased it at a garage sale.

3. Make a list of things to create: Check…. sort of. The list is ever growing and in my head. That counts, doesn’t it?

Well, Day 1 wasn’t a failure just a disappointment. What did I learn from Day 1?

1. This project is going to take more work than I’ve ever put into a hobby before. I’m going to have to actually buckle down and do things and stop dicking around.

2. I’m going to have to take pictures of my life and share them with all of you. This will take some getting used to. If you know me at all, you know that I’m not one to think to whip out the camera regularly. Adam and I took only 3 photos on our honeymoon and only 1 was of us. #selfie for the win?

3. I love making lists. I’ve made two lists in this post so far. Get ready for that from now on.

4. I just didn’t want my two lists to have the same number of points. I might have a problem….

Tonight I will attempt to create a sleep mask. And maybe find the patterns that I swear I had before we moved but cannot seem to locate now…. I blame the dog. She’s a terrible packer.


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