Day 2 – Sleepmask

I had been thinking about buying a sleep mask since we moved. Our apartment is pretty warm at night, so we keep a fan on. Feels awesome for the most part, except that I have extremely dry eyes. All the time. My eyes are constantly itchy. So, with the fan blowing on me all night my eyes were crazy dry when I woke up in the morning. The last few mornings I’ve had trouble opening my eyes because they were so dry.

Well, that was a lot of unnecessary explanation over my lack of ocular moisture. Moving on.

I decided since I was starting this project anyway that I would make my sleep mask. I found a pdf pattern online (I could have drawn one myself, but as a mathematician I feel very strongly about using other people’s work as my basis). Here is how it went:

Prep time: 17 minutes
Sewing time: approx. 20 minutes.
Cost: Not sure. I used scrap material for this one.
Materials: 6 inches of stretchy lace, 12″ x 4″ of some kind of silky material
Final result: Not bad for my first attempt.

What did I learn from this project?

1. I am crazy picky about my details. My sewing skills are not fantastic yet (that will come with practice) and there are some small mistakes that I would not want to see on a product I purchased. I guess I will need to make way more of these to get it perfect.

2. Scrap materials are rarely my favourite to work with. The inside should have been some kind of felt or thicker, soft material. I used two layers of an old t-shirt. Specifically a purple t-shirt I had purchased in Toronto for $10 that had a picture of Wolverine on the front. It was a kick-ass t-shirt. Too bad I’m a good 2 inches taller and not a teenager any more. Anyways, Future Naomi should purchase the appropriate material instead of rooting through the scraps.

3. Measure twice, sew once. The lace straps were unevenly placed. This didn’t make it uncomfortable to wear but was a bit unappealing aesthetically.

4. If you think you have enough stretchy lace to fit around your head, you have too much. I had to take in the lace strap about 2 inches because the mask just fell right off my face when I first tried it on. Hence the 20 minutes sewing instead of 15.

5. I am in love with having a sleep mask. This morning was the first time I was able to open my eyes easily. The only down side was that at some point last night Adam got up to go to the bathroom and I rolled over and panicked because I thought it was pitch black and he wasn’t in bed with me. Turns out it was only like 11 pm and his lamp was still on. This might take some getting used to.

6. I need to remember what type of fabric I’ve purchased. I don’t think I can write a product description as “some kind of silky material” and “scrap t-shirt material”.

Headband 1 Headband 3

So, the mask is done. But, the idea of this blog is to challenge myself to prepare to open an etsy store. So, I need feedback. Based on the photos, and assuming I get more technically skilled with my sewing machine, would you buy this? Vote below or leave me a comment! 



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