Day 5 – Patterns Purchased!

I’ve been trying to come up with my own personal style in an office environment. Much of what I see in the stores is too short, too see-through, or simply not my taste. In the spirit of this project, I’m going to make my own clothes for the next year too. If they are a reasonable amount of work and turn out well (i.e. not impossible to sew) then I will list those as well.

I ordered 4 patterns: two dresses, one skirt and one blouse. I’m starting with the basics so that I can start my wardrobe at the basics. My biggest desire is to have some 1910 inspired skirts for the winter.

Why? I friggen hate wearing pants. Especially in the winter. My pants are never thick enough to make me comfortable outside without wearing long-johns and if I’m already wearing something similar to tights, why in the world am I putting my slim fit pants over top of them? Pants are for spring and fall. Skirts are winter and summer. I’m so looking forward to basically wearing a stylish blanket to work. Finally I will be warm! So, once the patterns arrive, I start sewing!

I’m hoping that I’m not alone in this desire. There are some skirts that I LOVE on etsy but can’t bring myself to spend $100+ when I think I can make it myself. Hopefully I can retail for less than the ones on there with similar craftsmanship. Challenge accepted.

Feedback is always welcome, btw. Mostly I’m doing for my own pleasure, but I aim to actually sell things to real people, so constructive criticism is always helpful.


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