Day 9 – Mas Sleep Masks!

Gaby, is the Spanish in the title correct? Assuming “Sleep Masks” is now a Spanish word?

I bought supplies last night to be able to actually sell sleep masks on etsy. I gave myself a budget of $40 and spent $41.30 on the following supplies:
– 1 meter each of blue, light blue and pick cotton fabric
– 1 meter of white felt
– 2 meters of white stretch lace
– 1 meter of light blue stretch lace
– 1 spool of white thread (I have some, but I hate running out of white thread. It’s almost embarrassing)

I spent 40 minutes preparing 6 sleep masks for sewing. Step one to crafting is putting on a movie that you enjoy but don’t need to pay attention to too much. Last night’s movie was “Think Like a Man”. If you want a movie that both makes you want to keep watching and makes you want to turn it off, then I highly suggest this one. But, this isn’t a movie review blog, so moving on.

So, I have prepared two sleep masks in each colour for now. One of each colour has a white lace strap and the other has a blue lace strap. I will list these assuming they turn out well. I’m hopeful that they will look better than the first one because 1. cotton is a lot easier to deal with than “some kind of silky fabric” and 2. felt is a lot easier to sew and keep in place than two layers of some old t-shirt. 

I don’t know if anyone will buy these. I’m also going to start practising my embroidery skills so I can eventually customize these with names or images.

This may have to wait until next week. I intend to drink too much beer tomorrow at a park event and then Sunday I’m going to volunteer with some roller derby and maybe start painting my kitchen. I have too many projects on the go. Or maybe not enough? 


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