Day 14 – I actually opened a store?!

One of my oldest and dearest friends requested a sleep mask for her upcoming travels. This was probably the most encouraging thing to happen to me all last week. Not only did she make me feel like I was capable of doing it but her request pushed me to work hard at it the last few days so that she could have it on time. 

Last night I finally made one I was happy with. The seams are decent and I didn’t botch any one part severely. I feel confident in my sewing skills and know how to improve even more from here on out. I will be making a bunch more of these over the next few days to be able to photograph them for the store. The below photo shows my progression so far from left to right. If you’ll remember, the first one was made from scrap material to just see if I could do it. I was SUPER unhappy with the detail results. The second one is my attempt with better materials. Love the fabric and colour but I couldn’t figure out how to get my seam to look good at the top after I flipped it right-side-out. The third one is after Adam suggested I use the strap areas as holes to flip it right-side-out. Yes! Finally I was happy with how it looked.

sleep mask compare

I feel great seeing these side by side and seeing myself actually getting better at this. 

So I used my friend as my guinea pig to test out my store. I made her a custom order but it turns out you can’t do custom orders until you have at least one product listed. So….. ladies and gentlemen, I give you my official etsy store

I will be taking requests for specific orders and practising my embroidery to customize these with weird things like eyelashes or names or maybe animal shapes. People are weird and like weird things on their beauty products. Yes, family, I remember the things you have asked for too. Have patience. I’m only one woman! Dresses and cross-stitch art take a bit more time and effort than sleep masks.

I just wanted to take a post to brag that I’ve actually sold one thing and I’m only two weeks in! Haha!  And I wanted to say thank you to my friend for being awesome. She is awesome. 




One thought on “Day 14 – I actually opened a store?!

  1. Could you put a link to your store somewhere on your header? It took me a full 5 seconds to go to this post to find it!

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