Day 21 – Nothing to Report

It’s been a week since my last post so I thought I might give a quick update but then I realized I have nothing to update you about. 

I haven’t made another sale. No one has visited my etsy in the last week. I didn’t sew anything in the last week. I haven’t even cleaned up my craft area since the last time I sat down there. 

Life got in the way this week. We started painting the kitchen which was incredible necessary because the people who lived there before had never cleaned and for some reason thought the colour of peachy flesh was appropriate for a kitchen. We chose green, and because our kitchen is small and has ALL the appliances in it that can only be moved away from the wall one at a time, this painting project is taking over my life. I keep reminding myself (and Adam) that once it’s done we don’t have to do it again so we might as well get it over with. The worst part is the cleaning behind these appliances. The previous tenants were disgusting. I’ll leave it at that. If you use your imagination I’m sure you won’t be far off. 

We also decided that starting a puzzle two weeks ago was a good idea now that we have a large table. Which means that we no longer eat dinner like adults and all my crafting has to be done on the small table in the living room. Not enticing. 

I’ve also been waiting (not so) patiently for my four patterns to show up so I can finally make some summer clothes. All of my work clothes are very dark and winter-y and I need some pep in my step.

In other news, my wonderful dad has agreed to lend me his camera long-term and even teach me how to use it to make my product jump off the page. This won’t be for a few weeks but better late than never I suppose. 

Well, back to life this week. Back to painting the kitchen, cleaning up the mess we inherited in this apartment and constantly vacuuming dog fur.

Side note: apparently, “vacuuming” isn’t a word. Is it not a verb?! Have I been mislead my entire life?! I feel betrayed by the English language somehow…


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