Day 36 – Wonder Woman Boobs

As it turns out, I’m a size 10, not a 14. I finished the bodice of my dress (for the second time… ugh) and tried it on: it fits! Aaaaaaalmost perfectly. The pattern calls for the bodice to have darts that finish at the bust for a better fit. I understand the concept but not the execution. Obviously.


As it turns out, and you can plainly see, if you sew a straight dart on a bodice, you will end up with Wonder Woman Boobs. Pointiest bust EVER. I did a little internet research and it turns out that I should have used a curved dart?? I didn’t even know a curved dart was a thing! I guess that’s the point of this whole experience, though; to learn new things. Sew, I guess I’m going back to the sewing machine to try to fix this abomination. I most certainly cannot wear a bodice like that to work. 

Also, now that I’m looking at the photo some more, the bodice might be a bit short, but I also have a high waist so maybe I just need to make the skirt longer…. Maybe I should not write my musings on here. It kind of makes me look crazy. Maybe I should stop saying I’m crazy. 

… moving on! I will not be doing any sewing/crafting this weekend because I’m going to visit my two favourite women!! I will finally get to see my best friend in person for the first time since my wedding and will be picking up commissioned crafts from my lovely sister while I’m in town. The weekend will also include sushi, shopping, wine, beer, roller coasters, too much sun, and deep fried foods. See you all after I’ve exhausted myself! 


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