Day 51 – I need a camera

I’m working on tiny, adorable baby hats. So far I have one premie pink/white striped hat done and am working on one newborn yellow one.

I haven’t listed these items yet because I think the photos do not do them justice. They are blurry and unappealing because 1. The lighting in my house is not ideal, 2. my hands are too shaky to hold the camera still properly, and 3. Adam refuses to take all my listing photos for me. I am anxiously awaiting my parents’ visit which will include the arrival of my long-ago “purchased” vanity and my dad’s old camera and equipment. He even promised me a mini-lesson to make my items “jump off the page”. 

premie hat 2premie hat measurement

Why am I making adorable baby hats? Because all the babies I know look so damn cute in them! This is one of the first ones I made for sweet baby Mabel. I made a 6 month size for a newborn… that’s why it’s a bit big, but still very cute! Now, if only I could find more of that multi-colour yarn!

mabel hat 

So, while I am waiting for the camera to arrive, I will continue to knit while watching tv with my husband. If there are requests or suggestions for colours/patterns/sizes, please let me know!!


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