Day 58 – I made a shirt! Well, almost.

I did it! I actually made something with my sewing machine that I am proud of!

back shirt front shirt

I finished a shirt! Well, almost finished. It needs buttons and button-holes still. I’m waiting to complete the button-holes because I’ve never done them before and want to do some practice before attempting them on something I intend to wear to work. I am learning!

But, for reals, guys, I am super proud of myself for this one! It fits the way I like my work shirts to fit (just slightly too big, for comfort reasons, although this could use another inch of length – surprise), the fabric is phenomenally comfortable (Japanese cotton) and the pattern was actually easy to follow. I wish I had taken a close-up shot of the sleeves because I am most proud of those. I’ve never done sleeves before and they look perfect, if I do say so myself.

This may actually be something I could list on my etsy store. It didn’t take too long (about 4 hours for my first attempt), but the fabric is a bit more expensive than I like to pay per metre. But, the bird pattern! The birds!

So, let’s do some math. How much do I have to sell this bad boy for?

$16 (cost of fabric) + $2 (cost of buttons) + $16 (my time) + $7 (shipping) +$1 (etsy fees) = $42

Now the big question:



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