Day 75 – Hyper-Ambitious

Well, as always, my infuriatingly incredibly insightful husband called me out on having “hyper-ambitious” moods this weekend. And, as always, he hit the nail on the head. Damnit. 

I get in these moods where I have a to-do list that is longer than my arm and impossible to complete with the little free time I have. So, I make lists. Lots of lists of lots of things I want to accomplish. I have an ongoing list of things to do around the apartment. I made the list (which is over 20 items) about a month ago and have only completed one of the things. I have a longer list of items I think would sell really well in my store. I have a second tier list of this of things I need to practice doing to make these items look incredible.

These moods are my downfall. Making the lists makes me feel like I’ve done the things I want and so I ignore the tasks/items on the list for a while. At this point in my life I could compile a list of the lists I’ve created and not completed. Ugh.

So, as it turns out, running my etsy store is no exception. I have a few days of hyper-ambition where I determine all the things I could possibly sell and maybe even create a few of them and then I do nothing. I just wait. What am I waiting for? Inspiration? It’s there. Time? I have lots of it that just gets wasted by watching tv. Fabric and yarn? I’m stocked up. A better sewing machine? Just an excuse. 

This post is beginning to feel like an excuse. All the reasons I haven’t succeeded yet. I could list them, if you’d like (just kidding). I hope I’m not alone in this feeling. If only my brain would stop listing all things I haven’t done then maybe I could pick one thing to focus on.

So, maybe I need to take a new approach. Each day I do only one thing I’ve been meaning to do, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be etsy store related. Maybe if I can get my life in order I can spend more time focusing on my store (read: I need another way to procrastinate my new project). Tonight: I fix the art in our bedroom and hang the art in the living room. I can do, can’t it?