Day 125 – I listed more items!

I finally purchased a card reader for my camera! And turns out I’m not a terrible photographer. My biggest issue is that every time I list an item on Etsy the photo section says “use natural lighting” and all I can think is “screw you, Etsy! I live in Ottawa and it’s November. By the time I get home from my real job there is no more ‘natural’ light. Thanks for rubbing it in, jerks”. I might be taking it a bit personally.

In other news, I now have 7 listings! Seven! Of course 4 of them are just different coloured sleep masks, but still!

I’m am most proud of the Custom Embroidery Art listing. This piece was commissioned by my sister-in-law and I am so happy she asked for it. I don’t think it’s what she thought she was going to get but she loves it and that’s all that matters. My next goal for this particular listing is to complete some sampler images to demonstrate how it can customized. I plan to do a dog asleep on the couch, a pile of laundry in a hamper, and maybe a cat stretching on the carpet.

For the sleep masks I need to complete a sampler with eyelashes and “zzzz” embroidery.

I have a baby sweater that I made with the intention of listing but I didn’t do a great job execution-wise. There are a few stitches that are falling out and need to be repaired. I may mend this and gift it to a special little niece for Christmas instead of selling it. I may or may not give the pattern another go. I actually had fun knitting this and I love babies in old man sweaters. Also, after all this knitting I’ve gotten better at hiding my ends and making sure they don’t unravel. Milestones, people! Milestones!

In even better news, someone other than my immediate family likes my store as well. I had uploaded my photos and listed my items last night around 10:00 pm and when I woke up this morning a stranger had Favorited my Custom Embroidery Art listing!

Everything is coming up Naomi!


Day 117 – I need a card reader

Part of selling items on Etsy is having nice photos of your things to demonstrate to buyers that you have nice items. If your photos suck then your item will probably get passed over in that long list of items from other sellers. You will most likely click on the item that pops out at you and looks nice in the thumbnail photo.

My parents are ever supportive of whatever project I’m currently working on. My mom has loaned me her very nice camera indefinitely (although, I’m unsure if she knows that….) and I’ve spent some time taking photos of my items. I spent Sunday (my very first official shift) sewing some sleep masks and taking photos of them. They look awesome even if I can’t prove it to anyone other than myself and Adam. My sewing skills have drastically improved and I think I’ve got the hang of this photo taking thing but I won’t know until I can get the photos on the computer to edit and review.

Aaaaaand there’s the rub. The camera is a bit too old and the device driver software is too out of date for this computer. Maybe. That’s what Adam told me. I don’t actually understand computers that well and have no idea why the device software won’t download. I now have to purchase a card reader for the memory card in the camera to get the photos from the camera onto the computer.

UUUUUUUGH. No single part of this is fun for me. I wish I could hire a business manager to do all the boring behind-the-scenes for me. Too bad I can’t even afford to pay myself and Adam doesn’t work for free either.

I was hoping that I would have items for sale this week. It’s only 8.5 weeks until Christmas and I need to list my items if I want a chance of hitting the Christmas gift crowd. I guess I will buy an $8 card reader this week and hopefully Thursday I will be able to finally edit my photos and add several items to my store.

Tonight is my second official work day for Illusion of Creativity and it’s a bust. I was going to work on the computer. I guess I’ll just put on some TV and finish the commissioned embroidery art for my brother. Oooooooh well. (I’m not actually that mad. I like watching TV and embroidering.)


Day 114 – Creating a Schedule

Obviously it’s been a slow month in terms of the etsy store. However, in terms of life, it’s been a crazy month of cramming in time with friends, attending a wedding and Thanksgiving. Now that summer is officially over (I know, I’m sorry I mentioned it) I have fewer spontaneous events (read: too many patio beers) and far more weekly structured events. Adam and I have come up with a schedule for me so that I can actually consider this a part-time job.

Reasons to create a schedule instead of working when I have free time:

1. It forces me to sit down at specific times each week to work on products.

2. I won’t be putting this off each week saying “I don’t have any time”.

3. I now have to treat this as a part-time job and not a hobby. Want to hang out Monday evenings? Sure, but you’re going to have to come to my house and watch me sew.

4. I’ve been day-dreaming a lot lately about working from home. Dreaming about it and not working on it is leaving me extremely dissatisfied.

5. I won’t be over-doing it. With set times to work I won’t be ignoring my social time. If it’s not on the schedule, I’m not working. Mind you, there will be exceptions for movie-watching related activities. Sometimes a girl just needs to be knitting to stay awake through a movie!

So the new schedule is as follows: Monday 6 pm to 9 pm, Thursday 6 pm to 9 pm and Sunday 1 pm to 7 pm (approximate – the start time is based on when we finish brunch and groceries).

I know what you’re thinking… last night was Thursday! Surely I have something to show for it! Well, considering I came up with this planĀ yesterday I don’t have a lot to show. I did, however, work on Wednesday night. I have 6 sleep masks that just need finishing touches. I’ve even improved them to be thicker which makes them feel softer and blocks more light out.

I will also be making a trip to my favourite craft store this weekend to take advantage of my brother-in-law’s discount and stock up on knitting needles, yarn and embroidery thread.

So, I’m back after nearly a month off and I’m ready to work!