Day 142 – Clickity clackity, Naomi was whackity

Every time we visit my parents, we sleep in my teenage room. Every time I sleep in this room I go through my teenage stuff at least a little. I don’t have anything from my childhood in my current home (aside from one teddy bear – Mackenzie will never leave me) and it’s nice to sometimes look back on your childhood/adolescents to see how far you’ve come.

This past Thanksgiving I ended up looking through a few stacks of photos. The action itself makes me feel nostalgic because now-a-days we look through our photos on our screens. I don’t know about you, but the last photos I got developed were of our wedding. Anyhow, going through my photos I found this gem from when I was probably 13 or 14 years old:


That’s me, standing in my parent’s kitchen holding up my very first finished piece of knitting. There are a number of things that make me realize how far I’ve come since I’ve doubled my age.

1. I no longer wear shirts that accidentally raise up above my pants to show my midriff – that’s now done on purpose.

2. Thank god fabric belts are no longer in fashion. Remember those? The ones you pulled through the metal buckle to tighten?

3. I think I’ve actually been 5’11” since I was 13. The summer I grew 2 inches was painful.

4. My first finished scarf should never have made it out of the house. You can’t tell in the photo, but that awful orange colour is actually on both ends. Ew.

I made this scarf for my best friend (we actually called ourselves doubleviduals because we were so alike. God, 13 year olds are weird) and she accepted it graciously. Whether she actually wore it or not, I can’t recall. Destinee, I’m so sorry for making you this and assuming you would love it.

It took me probably 3 months to complete that scarf and there are so many things that make me cringe about it:

1. It’s hideous. Why did I think this was so pretty? Those colours are not even in the neighbourhood of complimentary.

2. a) When I ran out of the first colour of yarn (the multi-coloured one on top) I just picked up more yarn that was lying around and kept going. I actually knotted the two yarns together and continued on. Knotted themKNOTTED THEM. For those of you who don’t knit, that’s a HUGE no-no.

2. b) In addition to that, I used a completely different ply of yarn. You can see pretty clearly that the scarf gets wider when the colour switches. This is because the yarn I used second was waaaaay thicker than the first yarn. I remember thinking “no one will notice because it will be wrapped around her neck”. Again, Destinee, I’m sorry for making you wear this!

3. It’s so long and wide that it would be extremely cumbersome to wear with any jacket.

4. My tension so obviously shifts through the scarf. Or as my dad would say “you know that’s not a straight edge, right?” Lovely, my father.

I have come a looooong way from this first completed piece. I am very proud of my knitting abilities now. I recently finished these mittens for a craft show my chorus is singing at and am currently working on this cowl, of which I have already completed and gifted two. I’m very good at my craft now and looking back on my achievements makes me feel really good about where I am now.

Thanks, 13 year old Naomi for being such a generous weirdo.


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