Over the last ten months I’ve been watching our daughter grow. I’ve been keeping track of what milestones she should be meeting and I’ve noticed each one. I saw when she learned to roll over and when she learned to roll back over. When she could sit up. When she could get on her hands and knees. When she could crawl. When she could stand. When she could walk with help. When she could say “dada” and “mama”. When she took her very first solo steps.

I’ve been so busy watching her physical development that the psychological development keeps taking me by surprise.

I keep being surprised by how much of a person she is.

That sounds bad but I think you know what I mean. I’ve never spent time with a baby like this before. I’ve never seen personality develop and it’s fucking cool!

My kid is funny and silly and adventurous and determined and silly. She’s so fucking silly. I wish I could adequately describe her silliness. It’s magical.

Tonight my baby turned into a kid when she got the sleepy sillies at bedtime. She was laughing and she was trying to make us laugh. It is absolutely my favourite thing in the world when she tries to make me laugh.

This is fucking amazing.


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