I stopped counting the days.

Well, I haven’t written anything since November. There are numerous reasons as to why I had to abandon this project for a few months. Here we go.

1. Christmas. I got caught up making gifts, wrapping gifts, planning for the holidays, etc. I ended up making a pair of mittens for a charity auction, a cowl and a hat as gifts, a pair of mittens for myself (my previous pair wore out after two years) and a skirt to be tie-dyed by a special little girl. Of course I took no photos of any of this.

2. I completed a custom embroidery request for December. A woman in the states asked me to make a piece of art depicting all of her daughter’s travels in her first year of life. It was amazing to be asked to do it, yet alone get paid for it!! The photo below really shows the detail I put into this thing. I’ve blurred the little girl’s last name for privacy. I’m extremely proud of this.


3. I had two career exams I needed to write this winter. I finished the second one last week and can boastfully say I passed! Fiiiiinally.

4. I joined an all-female, barbershop style chorus. It’s pretty amazing but took up a lot of time this winter. I had to sew my costume from scratch as well as attend regular rehearsals for the two shows we put on this winter. My costume got finished on time but needs a few alternations before our competition at the end of the month because…..

5. I’m pregnant! As of today I am 21 weeks and 4 days pregnant. So, as you can imagine, trying to complete the above 4 while being exhausted (read: going to bed at 8:30 pm most nights) and nauseated (thankfully ended around week 14), I have not had time to focus on the store.

So, here I am, finished my career objectives (temporarily), feeling waaaay better and itching to get some crafting done! Now, while the store is not my main objective, I will be crafting things that I could potentially add to the store. Hopefully I will get a few orders on maternity leave so I can keep my mind engaged while doing my best to keep an infant alive. Here are my next projects:

1. Crochet rug for the baby’s room – turns out I love crocheting. As a born knitter, I was hesitant to start. It felt like cheating to me but boy was I wrong. Crocheting is durable, sturdy and so much faster than knitting! I intend to use the sheets that were for the double bed that used to reside in the baby’s room. Without the bed, who needs the sheets!

2. A crocheted giraffe for my lovely niece’s second birthday – told ya I love crochetting. I actually finished a pair of tiny baby booties but I’ll write about that later when I add the buttons and have pictures.

That’s the entire list. Can you believe it? I can’t. I actually have some attainable goals with reasonable deadlines. Who am I?! Now I just have to remember to take photos of my completed projects.