Day 132 – I made a sale!

I sold my very first commissioned piece and it was awesome. I loved making it, I loved the way it looked and my client was very happy with the final item. Oh, I guess you might want to see it too?

I made a really cute baby hat!

IMG_20141028_204515 hat

Please excuse the quality of the first photo. It’s only there to how the detail of the lining (which is soft flannel). This hat is so cute in my opinion. I will be making another one soon to list for sale.

I’m feeling pretty good about this today. I’ve actually made some money. It’s not nearly enough to cover what I’ve spent so far, but it’s a start! Now to get more sales!!

If you want something commissioned, please contact me. I’m very happy to do custom work. In fact, it’s my preferred method of crafting. 🙂


Day 125 – I listed more items!

I finally purchased a card reader for my camera! And turns out I’m not a terrible photographer. My biggest issue is that every time I list an item on Etsy the photo section says “use natural lighting” and all I can think is “screw you, Etsy! I live in Ottawa and it’s November. By the time I get home from my real job there is no more ‘natural’ light. Thanks for rubbing it in, jerks”. I might be taking it a bit personally.

In other news, I now have 7 listings! Seven! Of course 4 of them are just different coloured sleep masks, but still!

I’m am most proud of the Custom Embroidery Art listing. This piece was commissioned by my sister-in-law and I am so happy she asked for it. I don’t think it’s what she thought she was going to get but she loves it and that’s all that matters. My next goal for this particular listing is to complete some sampler images to demonstrate how it can customized. I plan to do a dog asleep on the couch, a pile of laundry in a hamper, and maybe a cat stretching on the carpet.

For the sleep masks I need to complete a sampler with eyelashes and “zzzz” embroidery.

I have a baby sweater that I made with the intention of listing but I didn’t do a great job execution-wise. There are a few stitches that are falling out and need to be repaired. I may mend this and gift it to a special little niece for Christmas instead of selling it. I may or may not give the pattern another go. I actually had fun knitting this and I love babies in old man sweaters. Also, after all this knitting I’ve gotten better at hiding my ends and making sure they don’t unravel. Milestones, people! Milestones!

In even better news, someone other than my immediate family likes my store as well. I had uploaded my photos and listed my items last night around 10:00 pm and when I woke up this morning a stranger had Favorited my Custom Embroidery Art listing!

Everything is coming up Naomi!


Day 58 – I made a shirt! Well, almost.

I did it! I actually made something with my sewing machine that I am proud of!

back shirt front shirt

I finished a shirt! Well, almost finished. It needs buttons and button-holes still. I’m waiting to complete the button-holes because I’ve never done them before and want to do some practice before attempting them on something I intend to wear to work. I am learning!

But, for reals, guys, I am super proud of myself for this one! It fits the way I like my work shirts to fit (just slightly too big, for comfort reasons, although this could use another inch of length – surprise), the fabric is phenomenally comfortable (Japanese cotton) and the pattern was actually easy to follow. I wish I had taken a close-up shot of the sleeves because I am most proud of those. I’ve never done sleeves before and they look perfect, if I do say so myself.

This may actually be something I could list on my etsy store. It didn’t take too long (about 4 hours for my first attempt), but the fabric is a bit more expensive than I like to pay per metre. But, the bird pattern! The birds!

So, let’s do some math. How much do I have to sell this bad boy for?

$16 (cost of fabric) + $2 (cost of buttons) + $16 (my time) + $7 (shipping) +$1 (etsy fees) = $42

Now the big question: